When the medical community is your enemy, we should be worried about them

The doctor who is the first to jump on the “Doctor X” bandwagon is already under scrutiny for his handling of a sexual assault complaint.

On Friday, the American College of Physicians issued a scathing critique of Dr. Phil, accusing the comedian of a “disgraceful” and “pathetic” attack on female doctors.

The ACP, which represents more than 3,000 physicians, said the comedian used a “dangerous tactic” to attack female doctors and their families, including asking them if they had a sex life, whether they were married or not and whether they “like” men or women.

The doctor also used a false claim that the ACP has never issued a warning to doctors who are accused of sexual assault.

He claimed to have heard from one woman who had been sexually assaulted and the ACPs own guidelines say the medical profession does not have the power to punish them.

The comments have come at a time when female doctors are fighting back against the backlash they face as the country struggles to heal after sexual assault allegations and deaths.

Dr. Phil is not the first comedian to have to defend himself against accusations of sexual misconduct.

Comedian and actor George Lopez was forced to defend his remarks last year in a new comedy special.

The comedian who’s been under fire for a string of sexual-assault jokes has also come under fire from his female fans for his response to the attack.

In a tweet posted Friday morning, Dr. Philip said he was sorry for offending anyone.

The actor told the audience he was going to apologize to women, including Dr. Emily Rose, a former colleague who wrote about the attack to Dr. Oz on Monday.

Dr. Rose told Dr.

Phil that she and her colleagues had been attacked by the comedian and apologized to him for the hurt.

Dr Phil, a retired pediatrician, also wrote on Twitter that he was taking responsibility for his words and that he hoped his behavior would not lead to any other harm.