Why is a zombie infected doctor wearing a plague doctor outfit?

Why is the zombie infected Doctor wearing a dress with black and white bandannas and carrying a plague medicine?

The first two questions seem to be answered by the first images.

The Doctor’s face is a blank slate as he sits in his recliner, wearing his typical white surgical mask and white gloves.

However, the third question is even more interesting: Is this a fake?

There are two things that make this costume more likely than a fake.

The first is the color of the bandanna and gloves.

Both the Doctor and the infected Doctor are in the same hospital room.

The second is that there is a clear difference between the Doctor’s outfit and the dress.

The Doctor is wearing the suit, not the dress, and there are obvious bandanas and gloves on both of his arms.

The costume does not match either of these characteristics, as the Doctor has no bandanas or gloves.

The costume is also likely fake.

First of all, it is not very effective, as most of the zombies are killed in less than 15 seconds.

Second, even if the costume is real, the Doctor would have been infected and killed by a virus earlier in the episode.

This means that it would have required a full infection to kill the infected.

The virus would have taken control of the infected, and then the Doctor could have been the only one who could have survived.