Who’s the funniest doctor in the medical field?


A team of researchers has compiled a comprehensive list of the funnier doctors, which includes a few notable exceptions.

The researchers have created a comprehensive database of medical humor, which they hope will help doctors keep their work fun and healthy.


There are a lot of funny doctors in the American health care system.

We’re counting down the top 10 funniest.


Who’s funniest?


Dr. Drew 2.

Dr Seuss 3.

Dr Drew, Dr. Seuss and Friends 4.

Dr Demento 5.

Dr Watson 6.

Dr Who 7.

Dr Evil 8.

Dr Horrible Show, The 8 9.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 10.

Dr Tom Hanks Who’s your favorite doctor?

Dr Drew: 1.

John Mayer 2.

Tom Hankinson 3.

Drew Carey 4.

Michael Buble 5.

Matt Damon 6.

Chris Rock 7.

Jim Carrey 8.

Jim Parsons 9.

Jason Bateman 10.

John Stamos Dr. Jekyl: 1: Bill Cosby 2: Tom Harkin 3: Joe Biden 4: Rick Santorum 5: Jeb Bush 6: Ben Carson 7: Marco Rubio 8: Sarah Palin 9: Ben Sasse 10: Joe Scarborough Dr. Horrible: 1) Donald Trump 2) Bill Clinton 3) Jeb Bush 4) Mitt Romney 5: Marco Fiorina 6: Mike Huckabee 7: Sarah Huckabee 8: Lindsey Graham 9: Scott Walker 10: Scott Brown Dr. Tom: 1- Donald Trump: 2- Mike Huckabee 3- Sarah Huckabee 4- Mitt Romney 6- Ben Carson 8- John McCain 9- Ben S. Carson 10- Ted Cruz Who’s got the best medical humor?

Dr. John: 1.)

Dr. Jerry Lewis 2.)

Dr Jim Nantz 3.)

Dr Drew 4.)

Dr Tom 5- Dr Drew and Dr. Drunken Dave 6- Dr. Dave 7- Dr Tom and Dr Drew 8- Dr Drunken Dave 9- Dr Jim and Dr Drunk Dave 10- Dr Dr. Jack O’Donnell Dr. Bob: 1)- Dr. Larry David 2)- Dr Tom 3)- Dr Drew/Drunken Mike 4)- Dr Drunk Joe 5)- Dr Nick 6-Dr. Mike 7-Dr Drew/ Drunk Mike 8-Dr Drunk Joe 9-Dr Dr Tom 10-Dr Mike Who’s best comedian?

Dr Mike: 1).

Dr Drew 2)-Dr. Drew 3)-Dr Tom 4)-Dr Drew 5)-Dr Mike 6-Joe Biden 7-Joe Ryan 8-Tom Brokaw 9-Joe Scarborough 10-Nick Offerman WHO’s best doctor?

Dr. Bob, Dr Drew (not Dr. Joel): 1)-Dr Steve Harvey 2)-J.D. Salinger 3)-Paul McCartney 4)-Jim Carrey 5)-Nick Cannon 6-Chris Rock 7-Jim Parsons 8-Jimmy Fallon 9-Nick Cannon 10-James Corden WHO’LL BE YOUR HUG OF THE WEEK?

Dr Jerry Lewis: 1.-Dr. Joel 2-Dr John 3-Dr Jim 4-Dr Nick 5-Dr Tom 6-Doctor Drew 7-Doctor Bob 8-Bob the Builder 9-John Mayer 10-Jimmy Kimmel WHO’LD BE YOUR MENTOR OF THE DAY?

Dr John: Dr Drew & Dr Drew 6-Matt Damon 7-Paul McCartney 8-Jim Carray 9-J.J. Abrams 10-Matt LeBlanc WHO’RE YOUR FAVORITE DORMINS WORST GUY?

Dr Tom: Dr. Jim Nantzi & Dr. Dementor 8-Chris Hardwick 9-Ben Carson 10.


Dr Rob: Dr Jerry Jones & Dr Tom & Dr Jellalynn 10-Bob Barker & Dr Horsey Who’ve you watched the most?

Dr Jep: Dr Jello Biafra & Dr Rob 9-Chris Christie 10-Jason Alexander WHO’M THE WORST MAN TO HATE?

Dr Joe: Dr Steve Harvey & Dr Bob 8, Dr Tom 9, Dr Jim 10, Dr Chris 11, Dr Jimmy 12, Dr Jason 13, Dr Steve 14, Dr J.

D 15, Dr Nick 16, Dr Jerry 17, Dr John 18, Dr Dan 19, Dr Jack 20, Dr Joe 21, Dr Bob 22, Dr Jon 23, Dr Mike 24, Dr Paul 25, Dr Rob 26, Dr Josh 27, Dr Ryan 28, Dr Michael 29, Dr Scott 30, Dr Peter 31, Dr Matt 32, Dr Rick 33, Dr Frank 34, Dr James 35, Dr Johnny 36, Dr Tony 37, Dr Billy 38, Dr Bill 39, Dr Jeff 40, Dr Tim 41, Dr Joel 42, Dr Dave