How a bike doctor saved a life after a cyclist fell from a moving bus

A doctor from Glasgow has become a hero after he stopped a man who had fallen from a bus on a busy street.

Dr John Scott was driving his own bike to work when he saw the man on a cycle lane and decided to do something about it.

He stopped at the bus stop to get out and was told by a passer-by he could go on to the bus if he was a patient.

He had never ridden a cycle but when he got out of his car he was amazed to see the man in a panic and the ambulance he had called.

Dr Scott said: “He said, ‘what are you doing?

This is the busiest street in Glasgow.

I’m going to die here and I can’t get on the bus’.”

He had just one request from the man.

He said: ‘You’ve got to get on my bike and go on the bike lane and you’ve got a chance of saving my life.’

Dr Scott and his colleague went on to save the man and his family from a serious injury.

They said:’We were just going to get him off the bike, but I said, look, we have to get you off the bus because it’s just a bit too dangerous for a cyclist to get onto the bus.’

The driver was also a doctor and a paramedic and they were both so impressed they decided to help.