Glass doctor faustustus: Watch Doctor Who actor’s first face transplant in a new BBC1 show

Glass doctor John Ford is an American doctor who first appeared in Doctor Who in 1966.

In the UK, he has appeared on the BBC1 hit comedy series Sherlock.

Ford, who has also appeared on US reality shows Like Family and I’m a Celebrity…

Get Me Out of Here, is an actor who has acted in more than 100 films and TV shows.

Ford’s most recent appearance on the American show was in The Best of John Ford, a series of mini-series which aired in 2019.

In the new BBC series The Glass Doctor, Ford will become a doctor in a different world.

He will be played by Australian actor John Faustus.

In a statement on Twitter, Faustis said: I’m delighted to be able to play a part in the story of the first Face transplant in BBC1.

It’s such an honour to be playing such a pivotal part in Doctor Whovian history.

Ford will play the role of Dr Ford in the new series.

In his role, Ford, who is currently undergoing a face transplant, will undergo several face reconstructions and face treatments to restore his facial features.

Ford said: ‘We’re all so lucky to have a beautiful Doctor who can give us so much hope for the future.

I’m so excited to be part of this project.’

The BBC is a wonderful place to work and it’s such a privilege to be working on such a great project.

I can’t wait to start filming.’

Ford is a native of Sydney, Australia.

He is the son of a dentist, his father being a renowned surgeon.

He has starred in films such as Goodbye, Mr Jones, The Last Dragon and the forthcoming movie The Glass Man.