How to make your doctor smile, doctor says

With the coronavirus epidemic gripping Australia, one of the countrys best-known doctors has come forward to say he wants to see more smiles on the face of the doctor.

Key points:Dr David Leyonhjelm says his doctor’s smile could help with the spread of the coronivirus Dr Leyonheynm says it could be an opportunity to see other smilesDr Leyonholm says it’s time for Australia to embrace a wider smileDr Leythm, who is one of Australia’s leading dentists, said he is considering how he might see smiles on his colleagues’ faces.

The doctor and the man he works with, who he is not named for legal reasons, met in December at a meeting of the Australian Society of Dental Surgeons in Sydney and Dr Leythman said he was inspired by their smiles.

“It’s about the opportunity for the individual to really express themselves in a way that they may not otherwise be able to,” he said.

“You see the difference between people who are looking after a patient in their home, their own family and their children, and those who are in the office.”

He said he wants his doctor to be “more positive” with the people around him and was considering whether he could take some smiles home with him.

“I want to see my doctor smile more,” he added.

Dr Leynholm has said he thinks a wider range of smiles could be beneficial to the overall health of patients and said the “sensory aspect” of the smiles should not be overlooked.

“A smile can tell you a lot about a person, but there are a lot of different things that can affect that smile, and that’s something we need to keep in mind,” he told News Corp.

Dr Lythm said he felt comfortable with his own facial expression and felt he was being held to a higher standard of ethics.

“What’s the difference, I don’t think, between a doctor and a customer in a grocery store?” he said, adding that he believed “a smile is a great opportunity for a person to really connect with another person”.”

It is about creating the right social environment.

It is about connecting with people in a positive way, so that we can learn about each other, and also have a good time.

“Dr Leyneholm said he had never met a smile specialist who did not have an affinity for smiling.”

When I see the smiles of people around me, they are really amazing,” he wrote on his Facebook page.”

If we all had that ability, it would be a really beautiful thing.

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