How to make the perfect plague doctor draw, Tithian Chen, an artist, says

Tithians Chen is an artist who specializes in art and drawing.

Her work is a mix of traditional art styles, modernism and traditional Chinese design.

Tithian is the founder and president of the Chinese-American Art Center (CAAC) in New York City, which opened in 2014.CAAC is a nonprofit organization that supports artists who are inspired by Asian and Asian American cultures and history.

CAAC is located at 2 W. 33rd Street in New Yorkers Square.TITHIAN CHEN/Facebook She said art has a lot to do with how people interact with each other and their culture, and how we interact with our bodies.TIM KELLY/Getty ImagesCAAC works with some of the best artists in New England to share and showcase artworks, and she says art can have an impact on people.

For example, CAAC works on behalf of the Asian American community in the state.

The organization’s artists collaborate with artists from other Asian-American and Pacific Islander artists.

The artworks are then presented to the public through art events, concerts and art projects.

The CAAC group recently presented its first exhibit, titled “Chinese-American,” in the form of a drawing of a doctor.

The drawing, made in Chinese and English, is titled “A Chinese-Canadian doctor and his patient.”TITHIAN CHENCAAC/Facebook CAAC also hosts the annual Chinese-Pacific American Festival, which celebrates Chinese culture and history, with the theme “The History of the Philippines.”

The event is held in the Chinatown area of Queens.

The Chinese-Asian community in New Orleans is celebrating their city’s Chinese-Americans and the festival has drawn many of the artists who come to the city to learn more about their heritage.

The event has also drawn many Chinese-Chinese artists.

Tithian Chen is one of them.TIPAL/Facebook TithIAN CHENG/FacebookTITHiAN CHENG /FacebookThe art was created by Chinese- American artist and painter Tithia Chen.

She says it is inspired by the culture of her parents.

CAACT works with the Chinese American Art Center in New Rochelle, New York, which is also based in Queens.CAACT is an organization that is focused on the Chinese community.CAAT works with artists and organizations that are dedicated to supporting Asian-Americans, said Tithiang Chen.

She said CAAC has hosted the CAAC Chinese- Asian Festival in New Haven, Connecticut, since 2014.

The festival, she said, is a community-based art event.CAATS mission is to inspire the community to celebrate Asian Americans and the contributions they make to their communities, and to show Asian Americans that they are the face of the community.TTHIA CHENG CAACT/Facebook