A clinician with a doctor’s license is getting a shot at a doctorate

A doctor with a medical degree who has no training or experience is applying for a doctor of medicine degree.

The first application is being filed at the New York State College of Physicians and Surgeons (NYSPSD) on Monday.

The second application is due to be filed at New York University in the next couple of days.

According to the application, Dr. William O’Connor will begin training in December of 2019, with a total of three months of post-graduate work.

The degree will be a “professional in health care administration,” with the aim of helping people in crisis, according to the college’s website.

O’Connor has already worked for a private company for more than 20 years and earned a doctorates in both medicine and nursing, but was never able to complete the degree requirements.

He said he was looking for a way to supplement his studies, which he did while working for New York City’s Long Island Healthcare System, the Times reported.

O ‘Connor said that in order to obtain a doctoral degree, he had to be able to pass a “general exam” and take a “medical history” exam.

His plan was to get the medical history and medical examination at a clinic.

In order to receive a doctorof medicine degree, a student must take three years of “professional training,” the college website says.OConnor is one of more than 100 people in the state of New York applying for the “doctor of medicine” program, which is meant to be an alternative to medical school.

In March, a similar program was created at the University of Connecticut, but its application was rejected by the school.

A spokesperson for the NYSPSD told ABC News that the program will be open to people who are not medical school graduates and who have a general medical background, but the program does not require a medical certificate to be considered.

In the past, the NYSSD has opened up medical schools to anyone with a degree, but not everyone is interested in pursuing a doctor.

In February, New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo signed legislation into law that allows doctors with doctorates from private hospitals to apply for their own degree program.

Cuomo’s signature on the bill made it possible for doctors to become physicians, which many say could help in the field of health care.