How to listen to a witch doctor song without losing your mind

A song about air doctors is making a comeback on Spotify and it’s pretty damn catchy.

Dr. Wanda Cope, from the podcast series Air Doctor Reviews, is a doctor who is featured in a new episode.

The song, called “The Doctor’s Bag,” is a tribute to a song Dr. Cope recorded for her daughter’s school project.

It was recorded in 2013 and features a doctor and a witchdoctor.

In the song, the witchdoctor talks about how he would treat patients like her.

“We don’t care if you have a bad ear, a bad tooth, you know, a headache, we just care about you.

That’s why we want you to go to the dentist or the doctor’s, and we’ll fix you up.

So if you’ve got a bad infection, or a sore throat, we’ll treat it.

That, I mean, that’s how we treat them,” the witch doctor said in the song.

Cope told Business Insider that the song was inspired by the doctor and her daughter who wrote a song about them.

“I don’t know if they know how much it means to me, but they know that we’re a family, and they love us,” Cope said.

The air doctor reviews podcast is a series of podcasts hosted by Cope and her wife, Rachel.

They are a fan of the Witch Doctor, a fictional TV show starring Ellen Pompeo that has inspired a number of song parodies.