Doctors who are now working for Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Doctors who had gone to work for Prime Minster Narendra Modi are no longer working for him, the medical fraternity said on Wednesday.

Sources in the Medical College of India said that Dr Rakesh Dhar and Dr Dharan Dhar, who worked for the Prime Minister, are no more working for the PM.

Dhar and Dhar were among doctors who have retired from the Medical college since he took over the reins.

Dr Dhar is the first doctor to have gone to serve as PM.

A retired surgeon and a former chairman of the Medical Commission, Dhar was the former director general of the Centre for Allopathic Medical Education.

The Medical College is one of the five medical colleges in India and was founded in 1757.

Dr Dwaran Dhanawala was appointed as chairman of medical college.

The doctors have been accused of negligence and dereliction of duty for negligence and negligent conduct, they said in a letter addressed to Prime Minister Modi.

The letter said the doctors had no authority to act on the advice of the Central Advisory Council for Medical Education and Research (CACMEER) and were responsible only to the medical colleges and the Central Board of Medical Education (CBME).

The letter alleged that the doctors did not adhere to the norms of professional conduct and were not properly informed of the proposed changes in the norms.

It also said that the CACMEERS recommendations were not followed.

The doctors have also been accused by the Medical Association of Karnataka, which had recommended a public inquiry into the doctors’ actions, of violating their professional oaths.

The Medical Association also alleged that Dr Dhanan Dharnikar, who is the only doctor in the group who had worked for Modi as a student, had been removed from his post on February 10 and the association has called on the Medical Council of India (MCI) to conduct an inquiry into his removal.