Which doctors earn the highest pay in the UK?

1 / 1 TechRadars’ Top 25 Doctors Paying the Most in the NHS is a new ranking of the UK’s highest paid doctors.

We take a look at the top five highest paid earners in the country and ask whether they are working in specialist, non-specialist, general or general surgery and have a combined total of over £20m.

Here are the top ten doctors earning the most in the health service, with our ranking based on our research of data from the Royal College of Surgeons and the NHS Employer.

These doctors are making a fortune and are earning a good deal of money, but we found the doctors making the most money tend to be in general surgery.

We have also looked at the pay of the most successful doctors in our database and we found that a significant proportion of the top doctors in the top 10 were working in general surgeries.

The pay of a top doctor in the Royal London Hospital is £24.6m, with the top four earning over £100m.

These are the people earning the highest salaries in the healthcare industry.

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