How a baker’s pie turned into an epic fight between a man and his mom

A bakery owner in California is fighting back after he allegedly beat his pregnant wife to death with a machete, leaving her to bleed to death.

The Sacramento Bee reports that 56-year-old Bruce Lefebvre’s wife, who is also his ex-wife, had recently moved in with him and her two young children.

She’d recently moved out, leaving behind two children.

Lefebvr is accused of shooting her to death in her own home.

He claims he used a mace to cut her wrists and neck and then cut his wife’s throat.

Lebvre said he’s angry because he’s been treated poorly by his ex.

The Bee says he has not been charged with a crime, and his lawyer, John Sutter, has filed a petition to dismiss charges.

The family says they were both victims of domestic violence.

The Bee reports Lefevre says he “never intended to kill anyone” and that he doesn’t think his ex deserved to die.