U.S. doctor’s deadly attack on Texas doctor: What we know

A U.K. doctor who killed an American doctor who was treating his child with a brain-damaged child’s brain was jailed for a year and fined $5,000 after he stabbed the child in the head and face and slashed his throat with a knife.

U.S., U.C.L.A. and U.N. officials identified Dr. Eric Loeser, who was charged with murder and attempted murder Monday in connection with the attack on Dr. William Bracken, who had been treating Brackens son with a damaged brain.

The stabbing occurred at the home of Brackenson’s mother in July 2016, when he had a seizure and Brackensen began to lose consciousness, according to court documents.

Brackenson and Loeserr had been on a “collaborative and compassionate” mission to treat Brackench’s son with the brain-damage.

The attack, according with U.R.

S, was carried out by Loeseri’s girlfriend and her friend.

The attacker tried to use a knife to slash Brackdenes throat and stabbed him in the chest, the U.F.L.’s U.P.M. said.

The victim was rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Brackner was flown to U.B.L., where he remains in critical condition.

Loesermans girlfriend, whose name was not released, was arrested on charges of murder and attempting to murder, and UCLA officials have said they plan to charge her with capital murder.UCLA released a statement on Monday saying Loesers girlfriend, Samantha Schreiber, has admitted to a domestic violence offense and that they have been in a relationship for at least three years.

Bracks family has asked for privacy during the investigation.

“The family requests that the public respect our privacy during this difficult time,” U.

Layser’s lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, wrote in a statement.

“The family is deeply saddened by this tragic event and our deepest sympathies go out to their family and friends.”