Air doctor disrespects ‘disrespectful’ doctor, pepper calls her ‘disgraceful’

Air doctor Dr. James Pepper, who is black, has apologized for calling a white doctor a “disgracification” on social media after a video of the conversation went viral.

Pepper called the doctor, “a disgrace to your profession,” on Twitter on Monday.

He later deleted the tweets.

In the video, Pepper said: “If I were a black doctor, I would treat a white person like a disgrace.

And I’d treat a woman like a slut.

And if I were to be a black woman doctor, she would treat me like a pig.

If you’re going to treat me that way, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

He added: “I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.”

Dr. Pepper is white, but he has a degree from an African-American medical school.

The incident, which happened in New York City last week, comes as the Trump administration has faced growing scrutiny for racial bias.

Earlier this month, a federal judge blocked a policy that would have required some doctors in rural areas to report race-based bias to their local law enforcement.

In response, a white Trump supporter posted a video on Twitter of him saying, “Dr. Pepper has been a very racist doctor.

He should be fired.

His company should be sold.”

On Friday, the president of the American Medical Association, Dr. Robert Darwish, said that Trump should not fire Pepper and should instead take the heat for his comments.

In an email, Darwisaid the president is entitled to discipline his own doctors.

“But the President cannot fire a doctor for what he said, and should not have the right to fire the doctor for saying that,” Darwissaid in an email to The Associated Press.

“Dr Pepper’s actions have been disgraceful, and the AMA will work with the president and the White House to address this issue.”

Pepper was not immediately available for comment.