A mother who refused to have her daughter vaccinated has been arrested

A mother in Massachusetts has been jailed for refusing to vaccinate her daughter against the measles virus.

The Massachusetts District Attorney’s Office said the arrest came as a result of a measles outbreak that has affected parts of the state.

The state Department of Public Health says measles cases in Massachusetts have climbed to 9,800.

Massachusetts has also seen a spike in cases in New York, California, Maryland, and New Jersey.

The mother, who asked not to be named, said her daughter had developed a fever during the previous week and a rash on the backside.

She said she would not vaccinate until the virus was eradicated from the state and the state legislature would agree to it.

“This mother is trying to take my daughter’s life,” the mother told ABC News.

“If she were to be infected with measles, it would kill her.”

State officials say the mother was caught trying to smuggle a vaccine in a suitcase into the Boston airport.

The CDC says that people who have not been vaccinated against the disease are at greater risk for complications.

A CDC spokesperson said that the outbreak has prompted the CDC to work with state health officials to identify strategies to reduce the number of new cases and deaths, including providing education and outreach to communities.