When did physicians take oaths?

PHILADELPHIA — Fauci has been named to lead the Veterans Affairs department.

Fausci was sworn in by President Donald Trump on Thursday and is expected to take office in early January.

He is the third physician to take the oath of office.

A lawyer for the department, who requested anonymity, said Fauci will be sworn in as head of the VA on Jan. 20.

Dr. John Fauce was sworn into office as head doctor at the VA in 1993.

After his retirement, he was re-appointed by the President.

In 2006, President Barack Obama nominated Fauco to become head of Veterans Affairs.

He served as the hospital’s chief medical officer and a director of the Veterans Health Administration from 2006 to 2015.

The Senate confirmed him to be VA chief medical director in January 2017.

This is Fauccio’s second stint as VA medical director.

It was during the tenure of the Obama administration that the VA began a major overhaul of its health care system.

Under the leadership of Secretary Eric Shinseki, the VA is expanding its clinical workforce, creating the nation’s largest outpatient hospital system and expanding its primary care network.

Last month, the Obama Administration announced that the department would begin accepting claims from people who have died while serving in the military.

The department will issue more than 5 million applications for care and caregiving.

At the time, Shinsek announced that more than 10,000 people had died while in the VA, the highest number of deaths in its history.

Shinsek has said the number of people who died while waiting for care is lower than it was under former President Barack Barack Obama.