Geriatric doctor charged with child abuse

A Geriatric Doctor has been charged with three counts of child abuse after an investigation found he abused three children in a care home in South Australia.

The man, who is in his 50s, was arrested in Melbourne on Tuesday.

He is due to appear in the Victorian Supreme Court on February 14.

The investigation found the man was abusing three boys aged between two and 11, and his wife and mother were also present.

The investigation found two of the children suffered head injuries and the other suffered bruises and cuts to their arms and legs.

Mr Justice Lewis said the alleged abuse had occurred between April and August this year, between the ages of two and nine.

“These three children suffered a number of injuries that have left them with a variety of medical and psychological difficulties,” he said.

“This includes head injuries that are now very severe and will require a considerable amount of treatment and rehabilitation.”

Mr Justice Hamilton said it was important to make clear that the accused doctor was not a doctor in his own right.

“He was not acting as a doctor to provide treatment or care to the children, he was acting as an authorised practitioner,” he told the court.

“The allegations were made by the children themselves.”

They are not the only children to come forward to the police.

They also allege that there was a further person in the care home that was also responsible for their abuse.

Victorian Police said the investigation was still ongoing.”

The investigation is ongoing, so we would urge the father to attend court,” he added.

Victorian Police said the investigation was still ongoing.

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