Which Doctor Who Doctor Who Doctors Are You?

A new report has revealed the biggest names in the series’ cast.

As a reminder, the list below features Doctor Who characters, and includes Doctor Who actors who have appeared in the show’s spin-off series Doctor Who: The Final Frontier.

Read on for the top 10!

Doctor Who: Final Frontier”Doctor Who Doctor,” “Doctor Who,” “Final Frontier”The first Doctor Who story “The End of Time” debuted in 1979 and starred Patrick Troughton as the Time Lord and John Hurt as his nemesis, the Daleks.

The second story, “The Day of the Doctor,” debuted in 1990 and starred Peter Capaldi as the Doctor.

In the third story, the Fourth Doctor was voiced by James McAvoy.

The Fifth Doctor’s first appearance was in the 2001 TV episode “The Wedding of River Song,” in which he met the TARDIS’ new companion Clara Oswald.