Eye doctor gets job after brain surgery

Eye doctors company, Virtual Doctors, has announced it is hiring a full-time medical doctor after the operation that removed his eye.

Virtual Doctors, a non-profit organisation, announced the hire on Monday, and said its first doctor will be in the Queensland state capital Brisbane by the end of the month.

The company said the new medical doctor will join the team in the city’s CBD from September.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Virtual Doctors as our first new medical officer,” Dr John Hickey said.

Dr Hickey, who has a number of surgical specialties, is currently working at Melbourne’s Hospital for Special Surgery.

He has previously worked at St Vincent’s Hospital and the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Mr Andrews said Virtual Doctors was seeking people who have expertise in the fields of eye, surgery and orthopaedic medicine, and would work in conjunction with doctors at the hospital.

In recent years, there have been concerns that some patients were being treated at Melbourne hospitals without having a full diagnosis of their condition.

Victoria’s health department last month recommended the state ban the use of plastic surgery and facial implants for face transplants.

A Victorian Government spokesperson said the use and sale of plastic surgeries had been a “banned practice” in Victoria for more than a decade.

It said the Victorian Government would “consider and consider” further action after the Victorian Medical Board met on Tuesday to discuss a potential ban on the use or sale of such procedures.

This was because plastic surgeons were known to use and sell their own patients’ own cosmetic procedures and could not have access to patients’ medical records, the spokesperson said.

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Written with assistance from John Kelly.