How to make a great doctor in Ireland

The Irish Medical Journal is a publication of the Royal College of Physicians, and it publishes a regular column on the latest developments in the medical profession.

The doctor who wrote this article, Dr Stephen Molloy, has spent most of his professional career in the UK, where he has been a GP since 1993.

He is currently the Chief Executive of the American Medical Association.

Dr Molloty said that he was particularly keen to promote Ireland as a “white doctor’s doctor” in the US.

“In the US, the perception of the Irish as white is such that I am concerned that we have to make sure that the perception is not a stereotype,” he said.

Dr Mowlloy’s piece was published on the issue of Irish doctors being too white.

Irish physicians are often considered too white in the way that they practise, he argued, with some of their doctors being more “white” than others.

I think a lot of us do feel that we are white and we are part of this white, European, European community, he said, adding that it was important for doctors to recognise that they are part the “white community”.

Dr Mowe said he had been in touch with Dr Molloys family and he hoped that his article would encourage other Irish doctors to write more frequently on issues related to race and the Irish healthcare system.