How to wear a mask to work

This is not how you should wear a face mask in the workplace, the advice is being urged by health officials and experts.

The head of Ireland’s health service has called for people to stop wearing masks to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

The advice comes after the deaths of two nurses who were found to have been wearing masks at work, while two other patients have died.

Health officials say they are concerned about the spread among healthcare workers in Ireland.

They have issued new guidelines for those working at a hospital and for those with chronic health conditions.

Dr John Higgins said he is not opposed to people wearing masks, but stressed that they should only be worn when the patient is seriously ill.

“I have seen it in patients with severe or chronic illness and those who have died,” he said.

He also urged people not to take on any responsibility for the masks being worn.

Last year, the Irish Medical Association (IMA) issued a list of measures to avoid contracting the virus, including wearing face coverings and protective gloves.

In May, the World Health Organisation (WHO) also called for the use of face coverers in healthcare settings.

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