Dr Zhivago: “You’re going to die.”

When you hear that doctor who streams medical videos online, it might seem like a stretch.

But when you listen to the doctor speak, you can see he’s not the typical doctor who plays YouTube videos.

Dr Zhivalago is a pulmonary doctor who’s been in the business for 30 years, and he’s got a doctor’s license.

He’s the same one who was featured in the “Doctor Who” episode “Mummy.”

He also has a doctorate in microbiology from Columbia University.

And now he’s back on the show, doing his own show, Doctor Who: A Doctor’s Journey, with his own crew of doctors.

The doctor, who is a member of the International Society of Critical Care Medicine, is also the first medical doctor ever to appear in the new series.

We spoke with the doctor, Dr Zhiva, about what it’s like being a doctor on Doctor Who, his experience playing a character that people know, and what’s next for him.