Why I’m not a doctor anymore

I’m no longer a doctor.

I’ve lost the job.

I’m the one who is left behind.

I used to do everything right.

But now I’m a ghost.

It’s a terrible thing, because I have no job.

No one wants to work for me anymore.

I am a ghost, and I am the worst thing that has happened to me.

I spent a lot of time in the emergency room, and the doctors were all very nice.

But I had to go into a nursing home, and they didn’t want to work with me.

My wife said, “You’re the worst doctor ever.”

I’m trying to get away from this nightmare.

I have a doctorate in public health, and we’re working on a documentary about the Ebola crisis.

But the last few days have been tough.

I got a call from my daughter in Texas.

I had a text message from her mom, and then another call from her brother in Liberia.

I just can’t take it anymore.

What can I do?

I was hoping that I could get away, but I don’t have anywhere to go. I don