How to pay your doctor online

The next step in your doctor shopping journey is to find out if the doctor you want to see is online.

The latest online trends, like virtual reality, have helped consumers feel less like they are on their own.

Here’s how to make sure you are getting the best deal.

1: Find out if your doctor is a doctor’s assistant The first step is to make an appointment with your doctor’s office.

There are different types of doctors’ assistants in Australia, so the first step to choosing the best is to research what you want from your doctor.

The following links can help you find your closest doctor’s assistants in your area: 1.

Online Doctors’ Assistant Directory – Australian Medical Association 2.

Online Doctor’s Assistant Directory for Queensland and Western Australia – The Medical Association of Queensland 3.

Online Guide to Online Doctors – Australian Association of Online Doctors 4.

Online Practitioner Directory for Western Australia and Northern Territory 5.

Online Professional Directory – Medical Council of Australia 6.

A guide to online doctors in Australia – Australian College of Physicians and Surgeons 7.

The best online doctors – Healthline 8.

Best online health and wellness provider – ABC Health 9.

Doctors’ assistant directories for Western Australian and Northern Territories – Health Council of Western Australia 10.

Online doctor directory for Western Queensland – Australian Health Practitioners Association 11.

Medical education, training and certification website for doctors in Western Australia: Australian Medical University (AMU) 12.

Online medicine and healthcare education website for Australians and overseas students – AMU Online Health and Wellbeing 13.

Online medical practice directory for Northern Territory students: Northern Territory College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 14.

A searchable directory of accredited medical schools in Australia and overseas – University of Western Sydney School of Medicine 15.

Australian Medical Council website – AMA 16.

Online education, practice and certification directory for health professionals – AMQA Online Education and Practice 17.

Online learning, practice, and certification provider – AMS Education and Practitioning 18.

Australian Centre for Nursing and Midwifery Education website – ACNP19.

Australian National University (ANU) website – Australian National Library of Medicine 20.

Online provider directory for nurses in Australia: National Library and Museum of Australia 21.

Australian Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (AIPS) – Australia’s leading provider of online learning – AIPS 21.

Online school provider directory: University of Sydney, Aussie Medical College of Australia 22.

Online university providers – AUSI – Australian University of Technology in Sydney 23.

National university for medical students – National University of Singapore 24.

Australian College for Healthcare Professionals – Australian Nursing and Health Care Professionals Association 25.

Online student services directory for students – University and College of Nursing and Primary Care 26.

Australian Academy of Family Physicians – AAFGP – Australian Academy for Medical and Dental Research 27.

Australian Association for the Advancement of Medical Research – AAMS – Australian Society of Medical Toxicology 28.

Australian Research Council – ARCP – Australian Research Commission 29.

National Institute of Health and Welfare – NIH – National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence 30.

National Library Service – NLS – Australian Library and Archives Commission 31.

National University for Medical Education – NUME – Australian university for Medical education 32.

Australian Bureau of Statistics – ABS – Australian Bureau the Statistics Commission 33.

Australian Health Information Council – AHIC – Australian Human Health Information Centre 34.

Australian Institutes of Health Research (AIHR) – AIGR – Australian Institute for Research and Development 35.

Australian Physical and Life Sciences Research Council (APLSRC) – ARBSRC – Australian Physical Science Research Council 36.

Australian Tax Office – ATO – Australian Taxation Office 37.

Australian Museum of Science – AMSC – Australian Museum 39.

National Archives of Australia – ANZAC – Australian Office of National Archives and Museums 40.

Australian Veterinary Medical Research Organisation (AVMRO) – AVMRO – Australian Veterinary Medicine Research Organisation 41.

Australian Government Office for the Arts – ANUA – Australian Government Agency for the Art 41.

Australia’s National Library – ABC – Australian Broadcasting Corporation 42.

Australian Science Centre for Higher Education – ASCE – Australian Science and Technology Centre for higher education 43.

Australian Strategic Planning Organisation – ASPO – Australian Strategic Policy Organisation 44.

Australian Council of Trade Unions – ACTO – Australian Council for Trade Unifications 45.

Australian Nursing Association – ANNA – Australian Nurses Association 46.

National Research Council of the University of New South Wales (NSWU) – ARC – Australian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission 47.

Australian Chemical Society – ACS – Australian Chemical Societies Association 48.

Australian Cancer Council – ACPC – Australian Cancer Care and Research Commission 49.

Australian Chemistry Council – ACC – Australian Chemistry and Physics Council 50.

Australian Conservation Foundation – ACF – Australian Conservation Fund 51.

Australian Education and Research Council – ACER – Australian Education Research Council 52.

Australian Food and Drug Administration (AFSA) – AFSA – Australian Food Standards and Products Authority 53.

Australian Geographic – APG