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This article is a guest post by Rohan Sharma, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Clinical and Population Medicine at the University of South Australia.

He is the co-author of the recently published paper The Spine Doctors Who Visit and Who Doctors?.

This article was originally published on the University’s website.

Dr Rohan is a Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Health and Society at the Australian National University.

He received his PhD from the University, and is currently a research associate at the Centre on Spine in Australia and New Zealand.

Dr Sharma has over 15 years experience in both clinical and population medicine.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Epidemiology from the Queensland University of Technology and a Masters of Science degree in Community Medicine from the School of Medicine at Queensland University.

Dr Gupta’s research focuses on the development of quality guidelines to guide health systems, including the development and implementation of best practices.

He has also published widely in the scientific literature on quality of care, and has a wide range of published research interests.