The doctors on duty at Israel’s hospital where Palestinians are treated

A doctor on duty in a Gaza hospital says he was asked by a hospital manager to take part in a meeting to discuss the conditions of the hospital.

Dr. Gidon M. Zebryan told Ma’an that he attended a meeting with the hospital manager in early March.

When asked if he was a doctor, Zebrryan said, “yes.”

Zebryon said he was given the following instructions: “The management is not interested in treating the patients.”

The Palestinian doctor said he did not understand the reason for the request.

“I asked about the conditions in Gaza, and the management told me to stop caring about the health of the people of Gaza,” he said.

Zebrries medical team is based in Rafah, which has been under Israeli military control since the 1967 Middle East war.

Zabryan, who is a member of the Palestinian Hospital Association, added that the hospital has been operating without any supervision since its founding in 2002.

In January, the Israeli military demolished a large section of the Gaza Strip, killing hundreds of Palestinians, including children, in an apparent crackdown on attacks on medical facilities.

Israel says it is targeting Hamas.

Israel also demolished a school in Rafahs northern suburb, killing more than 50 children and injuring scores more, as the conflict in Gaza escalates.

The hospital in Gaza is a main medical center for the Palestinian population.

Zabryanyan said he has treated some 2,000 patients since being born in the Gaza strip in 1976.

He has worked in Gaza for the past eight years.

In 2014, the Palestinian Authority and the UN signed an agreement that aims to end the current blockade on Gaza.

Under the deal, Israel was allowed to import basic goods to Gaza and allow aid workers to travel to Gaza.