How to save yourself from dog attacks with a dog medicine

A dog medicine might be all you need to protect yourself and your pet from a vicious attack.

But if you’re not careful, you might find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having to take out a bottle of medicine, just to keep your pet safe.

Pet owners can be left with a very costly headache.

This is what happened to a woman in Florida when she got a prescription for dog medication for her pet, which caused a reaction in her dog, and a serious allergic reaction to her pet’s medication.

It all started when her dog was attacked by a raccoon, which was responsible for the bite.

According to police, the dog had a scratch on its throat, which resulted in a scratch and a bite, which led to the bite and reaction.

It was not a vicious bite, but it did have a scratch, and it got caught on a door handle.

The owner called 911 and the raccoon was taken to the vet, who gave the woman the prescription for the medication.

When she took it out of the package, the raccoons saliva covered the medication inside, causing the dog to react to it.

She then took it to a veterinarian who prescribed the dog medicine.

But when the dog got the medication, it started acting strange.

It was too much.

She began to experience chest pains and breathing difficulties, and she had to go to the emergency room.

She was rushed to the hospital and later transferred to the University of Florida.

She was later diagnosed with anaphylactic shock and has since been put on antibiotics.

The woman, who lives in Florida, is hoping that she’ll be able to afford the medicine she needs for her dog.

“It’s been hard to get the medication because the cost of it is very high, but I think it’s worth it,” she told ABC News.

“I’m going to take it with me every time I go to work, so I know that I can have it.”

The prescription is $10 a month.